How to Advertise

Don't Pay For Wasted Advertising!

Your ad is only as effective as the quality of the people it reaches. So why pay to reach surfers you know nothing about? Why not target your ads away from surfers directly to shoppers!

Great Demographics! Serious Shoppers!

Shoppers in our PointShop marketplace network are serious shoppers who are comfortable with purchasing over the Internet and do so frequently. How serious? The average order size on our mall network exceeds $100!

Most of our visitors come to our marketplaces from our newspapers, whose research clearly documents the high demographics of this audience.

If you are serious about having your ads sell, let us place your ads in front of serious shoppers!

Market Nationally; Sell Locally!

Our PointShop marketplaces are affiliated with local newspapers. Each marketplace derives the bulk of its shoppers from the local area. Consequently, you can advertise nationally across our network, but by using different creative or destinations, you can sell locally.

Would you like to test one creative/offer combo in one market and a different package in another, at the same time? We can do it for you!

Want to Know More?

Let us craft a special campaign just for you!

For more information give us a call at 866-994-SHOP