for Cigars OneStep Calibration Kit Preloaded with 75 RH 2Way Humidity Control Precise Salt Test for Digital and Analog Hygrometers and.

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INACCURATE HYGROMETER READINGS PUT PREMIUM CIGARS AT RISK. Precisely calibrate digital and analog hygrometer and humidity sensors, so they give accurate relative humidity (RH) readings of whats going on inside a humidor PATENTED SALTWATER-BASED is the ultimate salt test! Do-it-yourself calibration methods, like bottle cap salt tests are imprecise and inaccurate. Trust only, the global leader in 2-way humidity control EASY, MESS-FREE CALIBRATIONSimply place a hygrometer or humidity sensor in the airtight high-density bag with the enclosed humidity pack. Zip closed and check back in a day GET PRECISE RH READING IN JUST 24 HOURSIf a hygrometer doesnt read 75% RH, adjust by the number of points its off, then re-test. For added accuracy, do a 2-point calibration with a 32% RH One-Step Calibration Kit (sold separately) REUSABLE FOR MULTIPLE HYGROMETERS/SENSORSGood for 3 months after opening (2 years if unopened in original packaging). Re-calibrate a hygrometer