Damplifier Premium Car Sound Deadening Material 1mm Butyl Rubber Auto Sound Deadener Mat 10 Sq Ft 5 Sheets Made in The USA

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Best Quality Guranteed. AUTOMOTIVE SOUND DEADENING MATERIAL: Damplifier auto sound deadening material will deaden metal and stop structural noise to give any car a luxury feel. Used for car audio, hot rods, trucks, Jeeps, RVs anywhere metal rattles. BUTYL RUBBER SHEET: We recommend a butyl sound deadener. Every sound deadening mat has some combination of rubber and other fillers, such as asphalt. Its cheaper to use asphalt, but we avoid it due to health and performance concerns. HIGH QUALITY SOUND DEADENER: With an industry leading heat rating (450 F) and a proprietary combination of butyl rubber and annealed foil, Damplifier delivers quality lightweight sound dampening while meeting high health safety standards (RoHS compliant). HEAT AND SOUND DEADENING MATERIAL: Damplifier was engineered to be more than a sound dampener. The foil heat shield acts a radiant barrier and thermal insulator. PROUDLY MADE IN THE USA and endorsed by Chad Utt of WEST COA