40MM 14K Yellow Gold Filled Endless Hoop Earrings (3mm Gauge)

  • SKU: ERH58566


  • Earring
  • 14k Yellow Gold Filled
  • Female
  • Category: Earrings
  • Secondary: Gold Hoops


A pair of 14K yellow gold filled endless hoop earrings. The hoop earrings measure 40mm in diameter. A quality pair of hoop earrings with a durable slide in clasp for an endless hoop effect. The earrings have a 3mm gauge thickness. Gold filled jewelry consists of a layer of gold bonded to the underlying base metal. Unlike gold plating, gold filled jewelry is crafted with gold that constitutes at least 5% of the total item weight and will not fade or tarnish like plated jewelry often can. It can withstand heat and water over time. These gold filled hoop earrings are great quality and perfect for everyday wear.