Gift Baskets Make Great Gifts

If you think gift baskets are something your grandmother might send and come with a few bits of fruit and jam, then you need to think again. Gift baskets have come a long way in recent years and come in an almost infinite variety of prices and styles. A thoughtful gift basket with a theme that aligns with a person's interest or tastes makes an excellent gift. One of the key things to remember about a gift basket is that the perceived value of the basket is often actually higher than the purchase price. If you are trying to impress, a gift basket is the way to go. Below is a starter list to get you thinking about what is the best gift basket for your intended recipient.

Coffee Lover’s Gift Basket
This is a great way for people to try different blends of coffees. If you are sending it from your company, you may want to include a nice logo mug to remind the recipient who sent the great coffee long after the last cup is brewed. The basket may also include some accompaniments such as biscotti, chocolate, coffee flavorings (like hazelnut or cinnamon), or even chocolate covered coffee beans. This is a terrific gift for either a man or a woman.

Chocolate Lover Gift Basket
If you have a chocoholic on your list, a chocolate gift basket could be a dream come true. This basket allows them to try different cocoas, cookies, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, or white chocolate. Some baskets even have special treats like truffles and different types chocolate candies with interesting twists like raspberry or orange infusions.

Beer Gift Basket
Gift baskets don't have to be "girly". You can find beer gift baskets that have variety of beers pre-picked or you can choose a selection yourself. What a great way to sample some of the best micro-brews from across the country or region. Some baskets may even include great beer related snacks like beer nuts, roasted peanuts, or cheese straws.

Wine and Cheese Gift Baskets
For the wine lover, a wine basket or wine and cheese combo will be a big hit. Typically crackers and cheese are chosen to compliment the wine tasting experience. The basket may also include specific fruits or chocolates that are suited to the particular wine or wines. This could be a great housewarming gift for someone, especially if the basket can include locally produced wines or wines that are associated with the region where they are moving. Wine and cheese baskets come in a tremendous variety of price points and are considered an elegant gift.

Spa Collection Basket
What a terrific gift for the woman or women in your life! A spa basket full of luxurious and aromatic soaps, lotions, scrubs, and brushes will pamper her and let her know what she means to you. A great idea for birthdays, Mother’s day, or just because. You may even want to include a gift certificate to her favorite local spa.

Baby Gift Basket
Do you know someone who’s expecting or already received that bundle from the stork? This type of basket can be a thoughtful gift. The basket may include items like a stuffed animal, diaper ointment, baby shampoo, and a rattle for baby. It may also include items to pamper mom like bubble bath, lanolin lotion, or a relaxing CD. The options are endless.

Sympathy Gift Basket
Send your sincerest sympathy with this elegant offering of classic comfort foods that will help nourish recipients during their difficult time. The basket may include chocolates, cookies, specialty mustards, or coffee for those late nights. These items often come in an elegant black in keeping with the solemn occasion.

Fruit Gift Basket
A highly respected and traditional gift that’s acceptable for almost any occasion. The fruit basket comes with a variety of fruits less likely spoil quickly such as apples, pears, or citrus. The fruits may be paired with other items such as cookies, wines, or cheeses to round out the experience. The actual container will often make the difference in price. Containers can be as simple as simple as a traditional basket or as refined as a leather tray.

Corporate Gift Basket
Corporate gift baskets are a reminder to your customers how much you appreciate their business. Especially important in these economic times, these baskets may include items higher on the luxury scales such as specialty cheeses, olives, mustards, candies, wine, or even caviar. Fortunately, there is a great variety of price points and options that can provide a higher perceived value that help show you appreciate your customer’s business without breaking your own bank.

Holiday Gift Basket
Holiday Gift baskets can often ease the burden of entertaining by providing the recipient with a variety of snacks to have on hand when visitors stop by…..or gives them a special treat to enjoy themselves during crazy time of year.

Nutrition and Energy Gift Basket
A fantastic gift for the athlete in your life or a great “I support you” gift for a person you know is trying to get in great shape. This basket may include such healthy items as protein bars, energy or protein shakes, vitamins, exercise stretch bands, or perhaps a workout video. The options are endless!

Golf Gift Basket
This is a perfect gift for any duffer in your life and it’s suitable for man or woman. The basket may include new golf balls, tees, a ball marker, or even a book highlighting the world’s great courses. The actual basket may be a practice range ball basket.

Children’s Gift Basket
Children love gift baskets too! There are many options to choose from when selecting items for a child’s basket. Traditional items such as crayons, classic toys like tops, yo-yo’s, or slinky’s are always a hit. Depending on the child’s age, you may include items such as coloring books, stickers, DVD’s, or a CD of their favorite band.

No matter who you are trying to purchase a gift for, there is a gift basket out there that will suit the recipient. Most are available for delivery. If it is possible, you may want to deliver the basket yourself so that you can personalize the gift or add a special item not included in the purchase. Gift baskets are a classic choice and will be greatly appreciated by the person receiving the gift.