Buying gifts for HIM: Shop by his Personality!

Gourmet & Gift Buying Guide

You know him best – his interests, his hobbies, what he would rather be doing when he has agreed to go to dinner with your mother’s entire family. So instead of buying just any gift, think about what defines him, and surprise him with something that’s not about the price or the box, but about HIM.

Practical– Let’s face it. Unlike a lot of women, most men don’t mind a practical gift. In fact most men appreciate the fact that you have a good understanding of what may make their life a little simpler. If your man is the practical, no non-sense type, there are quite a few gift choices that are sure to please:

Wallet, Gym Bag, or a Briefcase—Your beau will appreciate a quality item that helps him get organized. A quality leather wallet or money clip is always a good choice since these items tend to wear out. Ask him his preference before buying—trifold, bifold, or clip. If he doesn’t like it, he won’t use it. If he’s more into working out, a nice sized gym bag will be a big hit. If he travels often for work or brings home work with him, a good, high quality briefcase or computer bag will show him that you know that this area of his life is important to him and that staying organized is essential.

Good Socks—He may have hated them as a gift as a kid, but most grown men like quality, comfortable socks. One simple trick to remember when purchasing men’s socks—unless they are athletic socks, his socks are an extension of the pants and not the shoes. In other words, if he wears a lot of khaki, purchase socks that compliment khaki and not necessarily his black loafers. If he is practical yet active, buy him some specialty socks like bike socks, golf socks, hiking socks, etc that are designed for maximum comfort for his activity. Wool and 100% Alpaca socks make a great gift that he would probably not buy for himself.

Cooking or Grill Equipment—A lot of men love to cook and most men who cook love to grill. Why not get him some grilling equipment or accessories. High quality tongs, a silicone sauce brush (that won’t catch fire or melt!), a meat thermometer, or even a basket for grilling fish are all great ideas! Choose an outdoor chiminea or fire pit for a gift that you can both enjoy!

Tools—most men need and want more tools. His toolbox may be perplexing to you, but he probably believes he needs everything that’s in there and then some. If you have a fairly high budget and the space for it, a large rolling toolbox with plenty of drawers could be a huge hit so there is a place for everything and everything in its place.

Avid Adventurer - Does your guy enjoy hitting the open road and choosing the path less traveled? Does he enjoy chronicling his journeys via photos and Facebook? Here are some great choices for rugged outdoorsman (even if he is a little bit on the techie side).

GPS—A quality, portable GPS unit almost seems like one of the new necessities in life. For a person who’s on the go a lot, like salesmen or contractors, it is a must have and for a guy who likes to just follow where the road leads him it is a great way to make sure he makes it back home. Here’s a bonus for you—he never again has to pretend that he’s not lost. Bonus for him—never having to ask for directions again! Garmin and Tom Tom make small units with many options and price points.

Camera and Accessories—If he is really into travelling and adventure, he probably wants to be able to capture all of those wonderful images of what he’s experienced or document his fishing trip to show everyone the “one that got away”. Either way, a nice new 35mm or digital camera, or an accessory like a portable tripod or monopod, waterproof camera case, and extra battery or memory cards make great gifts. He may need a roomy new camera bag that won’t interfere with his taking shots.

Vacation/Travel accessories—Does he love to travel? Nothing makes travel easier than a high quality travel bag. If you’re planning a trip and you haven’t travelled recently, you may want to consider upgrading to a new bag that is more conducive to all of the security screenings that are necessary in today’s unsettled world. If he has to travel for work, you may want to consider a Kindle, an electronic book made by Amazon. Depending on the model, each Kindle can hold between 1500 and 3800 books or magazines. If he has to read a lot of journals to stay up to date for his work, that gift alone will save him having to tote tons of unnecessary weight.

Outdoor Gear—If he’s the woodsy type and really loves hiking, camping, fishing or hunting, why not get him something to make his trips more enjoyable. Does he need a new low temperature sleeping bag, a backpack designed to fit his frame. How about new fishing lures or other tackle? Engage him in conversation to find out what he needs. He’ll appreciate your interest in his passion.

Comfort Oriented – Is your guy into creature comforts? Does he love to come home and put on his favorite jeans and a sweatshirt and just chill? How about going a step further and really pampering your man. Here are some great gift ideas to help make his life a bit more comfortable.

Slippers and Lounge Clothes –You know he loves his “bum” clothes, typically a ratty sweatshirt from college, so why not give him some new cozy comfort items that are a little more stylish? If he wears slippers, get him some new, warm slippers that can be worn around the house or out to grab the newspaper. He’ll also really appreciate some warm flannel or fleece lounge or sweatpants. What guy doesn’t love a great, plush sweatshirt, preferably with his favorite team emblazoned across the front?

Electronic Massage Equipment—You know he works hard and he’s on his feet a lot. He’d probably love something to ease his aching feet or muscles. There’s a great selection of electronic massage equipment on the market, and it keeps getting better and less expensive. From a simple $25 heated foot massager, to a $4000 computer controlled massage chair that will even massage his fingers, there’s something for every budget. The cool thing about this gift is that you can use it too!

Style Driven –Are you crazy about your sharp dressed man? Some guys just always want to look their best and they appreciate the finer things in life. Here are some great ideas for your “GQ” type.

Clothes—Clothes make the man, and nothing improves a man’s self-esteem faster than a new set clothes picked out just for him. With the wide variety of men’s clothing retailers, it is easy to find just the right clothes to fit the style of your guy from classy casual to sexy James Bond. You can probably buy off the rack for casual clothes, but if you’re planning on buying your guy a suit or sports jacket, he needs to be professionally fitted for the best result.

Accessories—To go with a new set of clothes you may also need to invest in some quality accessories. Have his old belts seen better days or look like something his dad would wear? A hand crafted leather belt, beautifully patterned ties, tie clasp, or even cuff links are attractive accessories that will polish his look. There are literally thousands of these types of accessories to choose from, so go with what you think best suits your man.

Watches—A good watch is not only a tool for telling time, but for a man, can be a generational heirloom or just a cool fashion accessory. A genuine Swiss made watch is going to set you back at least $2500, but it is something he can give his grandson. Of course, there are a lot of timepieces on the market that are high quality but at a lower price range. If he’s into sports, there are watches with chronometers, pressure gauges, and other gadgets that guys tend to go gaga over. If he’s more into casual wear, there are many great, good looking watches to choose from. Choose something you think fits his personality.

Sports and Play Enthusiast - Does he schedule his weekend plans around the games? Does he have to check that the TiVo is set correctly twice before you go out to dinner on when his favorite team is playing? Did he spend your best friend’s wedding reception hiding in the coat closet with an earbud? If this sounds like him, then here’s a list of gifts that are sure to please:

Recording Electronics – Give the gift that will ensure that he never misses a game again and you never have to plan your life around his games by giving him the power to record. Upgrade your satellite or cable service so you have a DVR box, get a TiVo package, or even a recordable DVD players if he is a fan who wants to keep those big game moments to watch again and again.

Team Gear – Some of the best sport fan gear can be found online no matter whether your sports fan love NBA or college basketball, MLB or college baseball, NFL or college football, or NHL or college hockey. You can find team jerseys for his favorite player, jerseys of retired players, sweatshirts, t-shirts, baseball hats, home accessories, car accessories, or just the right thing to make game day even more fun for him. Any of these items are a great way for YOU to score some points!

Big Kid Toys—Some guys just never grow up, they just get bigger and better toys. High quality and high speed remote control cars, helicopters, airplanes, boats, and yes, even submarines with torpedoes are all fun and unique toys for your big boy.