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HearthSong Fluffy Bunny Plush Toys

BRAND: HearthSong
SKU_NUMBER: 729736
SALE_PRICE: $21.98  Regular Price: $21.98

This honey of a bunny's fluffy, flyaway fur fits him like an unbelievably soft, cottony coat. It's almost impossible to resist his soft, snuggly self, especially when you see the personality shining out of his pink-nosed, pink-cheeked, sweetly smiling face. And that's not all that shines! Look for glistening highlights to magically appear when the sun's rays find his flyaway "fur." Approx. 12"H. Ultra-huggable bunny features soft, cottony "fur" Features a blush of pink on nose and cheeks Glistening highlights appear in flyaway "fur" when the sun finds him Floppy two-tone ears add to his special personalityFor all ages. SizeApprox. 12"H.