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Batapult Hinged Baseball Bat

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This innovative update of a traditional baseball bat makes the learning curve less steep and the game more fun! Batapult has a hinge in the middle of the bat, which creates a pivoting action during the swing and sends the ball flying much farther with less effort. Children can swing the bat faster, which gives them more time to see where the ball is going for more hits. Swinging the bat takes less strength too - they can hit one handed with as much effect as a 2 handed swing. Batapult is made from durable plastic and comes with a dimpled foam ball. Batapult Hinged Baseball Bat Innovative take on a traditional baseball bat Hinge in the middle of the bat creates pivoting action Children can swing faster and with less strength Made from durable plastic Comes with a dimpled foam ballFor ages 6 and up. SizeBat: 29" L

Style: Outdoor Play Toys
Color: 29"L