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HearthSong Lighted Fairy House Lighting

BRAND: HearthSong
SKU_NUMBER: 729694
SALE_PRICE: $29.98  Regular Price: $29.98

You can tell when the fairies are home by the way their wands light up their magical wee mansions. And since it's always a comfort to know a fairy's near, these dainty domiciles make special nightlights and bathroom lights for kids (plus a friendly nighttime sight out the window at night). They can be left on all night or operated via a timer to turn on or off at the same time-indoors or out! Available in Green, Blue, and Pink-collect all three! Approx. 10"H. Brightly painted fairy mini mansion makes a magical and cozy nightlight Great as a bathroom light Fun outdoors in the garden Includes a timer Can set to turn off and on at the same timeAvailable StylesBlueGreenPinkSize10"H.