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Leonardo da Vinci's Bent Wood Catapult Kit

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This historically accurate working model uses the tension stored in bent wood to hurl objects-sometimes more than 15 feet! Experiment flinging with grapes, mini marshmallows, and other small, soft household objects. Easy to assemble in an hour or two, kit comes complete with pre-cut pieces of wood, plus all necessary parts, instructions, and educational resources. Leonardo da Vinci was a prolific inventor and artist who came up with new ideas and redesigned inventions from earlier times. This catapult is one of his redesigns from the medieval catapults of 400 or so years earlier. Build a working historic model All pieces are pre-cut and drilled so the model is incredibly strong! All you need is glue and scissors Can be made in about an hour Great for beginner buildersFor ages 12 and up. SizeThe finished catapult measures 16"H x 10"L x 5-1/2"W

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