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HearthSong Ultimate Volcano Science Kit Fun with Science

BRAND: HearthSong
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Discover how hot science can be with this amazing hands-on activity. Create your own volcano and experience the thrill of watching it erupt over and over again! Everything you need for an action-packed display is included in the kit: plaster and mold to make the volcano chamber, brush and paints to decorate it, eruption powder, and easy instructions. Plus, you'll get 3 genuine volcanic specimens to examine: a real geode, an obsidian arrowhead, and a floating piece of volcanic rock called pumice. The information guide tells all about the specimens as well as how volcanoes form and why they erupt. Also included is an activity booklet with 10 fun games, puzzles, and challenges to complete. Perfect for a science fair, discovery project, or just fascinating fun on a rainy day. Ultimate Volcano Science Kit Create your own volcano Make it erupt again and again Perfect hands-on experiment for a science fair Includes genuine specimens: geode, arrowhead and pumice Activity booklet with 10 fun games, puzzles, and challengesFor ages 6 and up.