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Paleo Lab T-Rex Excavation Kit

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OverviewThe discovery of the century! Young archeologists and paleontologists can feel it in their bones: there's a fossil waiting somewhere beneath the surface of this kit's rectangular rock. If they use the included hammer and chisel verrrrry carefully, bit by bit, bone by bone, they will unearth an entire T-Rex skeleton. Such scientists deserve an award, which is why this skeleton-to-be is already framed, and suitable for hanging. Measures 12" x 1½" x 9"H. Paleo Lab T-Rex Discovery Kit Find the fossil! Use the included hammer and chisel to carefully unearth an entire T-Rex skeleton Already framed; suitable for hanging Fun for young archeologists and paleontologistsFor ages 8 and up. More InfoDimensionsMeasures 12" x 1½" x 9"H.

Style: Fun with Science
Color: 12" x 1.5" x 9