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HearthSong The Tale of Tooth Fairy Book, Tooth Pouch, and Fairy Doll Fairy Toys

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Where did The Tooth Fairy come from? This endearing book answers that age-old question for kids in the most delightful terms, beginning with the story of how one fairy came to realize that there was a great need for children to enjoy the first signs of growing up-especially losing a tooth-and to know how the job of The Tooth Fairy came to be a special honor among fairies. This book takes the most thoughtful approach to the tooth-losing process: its magical illustrations will make kids smile; the 10"-tall cloth fairy doll (choose Boy or Girl) is both playful and a comfort; and the illustrated chart for recording lost teeth (with a pouch to put them in) gives kids the last word. This is the tale of how being the Tooth Fairy came to be an honor among fairies Includes a chart for children to record lost teeth Includes a pouch for lost teeth Includes a fairy dollFor ages 3 and up. Available StylesBoy Fairy DollGirl Fairy Doll