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HearthSong Squigz Kids' Construction Deluxe Set Creative Construction Toys

BRAND: HearthSong
SKU_NUMBER: 729472
SALE_PRICE: $49.98  Regular Price: $49.98

award winnerSuction construction! High-quality silicone-rubber suction cup connectors make this creative construction set's pieces as much fun to pull apart as to put together (great incentive to keep going)! Strong connections create a resistance that's fun to overcome, resulting in a rewarding "pop." Plus, the pieces can be connected not only to each other but to almost anything else (walls, windows, bathtubs, tabletops) so kids can construct (or deconstruct) almost anywhere. Available in Starter Set (24 pieces) and Deluxe Set (50 pieces). For ages 3 and up. Suction construction! High-quality silicone-rubber suction cup pieces Fun to put together and pull apart Pieces make a fun popping sound when pulled apart Pieces stick to walls, windows, tabletops, etc. Available StylesDeluxe (50 pieces)Starter (24 pieces)