LED Magnifying Glass Desk Lamp with Swivel Arm-Black


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This is the magnifying table lamp which is versatile in your house. Its magnifier magnification is as high as 2.25x, providing you with a clear view. When you see the details through a magnifying glass, there will be no distortion, and even people with vision problems can more easily see small details. Dimmable energy-saving led lamps can not only provide sufficient brightness, but also adjust the color temperature range of 6000k-7000k. The flexible rotating arm greatly expands the lighting range and can help you illuminate any place you need. It doesn't need any support to help you free your hands to focus on your work. It can be applied to business and family, and is very suitable for various industries, such as medical treatment, beauty treatment, welding, painting, handicraft, etc. At the same time, it is also for the elderly. Come and buy, our magnifying glass table lamp will definitely not disappoint you! With a magnification of 2.25x, the lamp prov