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Summer Skin Care

These skin tips are great for summer, but establishing a skincare routine can keep you free from breakouts, oiliness, and dry skin year round!

It's Grilling Season

Whether you spell it barbecue, barbeque, or BBQ, grilling meats is a favorite summertime activity for Americans. You hardly need an excuse at all to gather up a bunch of friends and family and throw some dogs or steaks on the grill and get to it! Below are some delicious ideas for easy, casual BBQ get togethers!

Make your Celebration Sparkle this July 4th

What does the 4th of July mean to you? For us, it’s all about pride in this great country of ours, honoring the birth of American independence. Whether you participate in festivities like fireworks, parades and concerts, or just enjoy neighborhood gatherings and outdoor barbeques, Independence Day is wonderfully nostalgic tradition that officially started in 1870. Break out your flags, grills, and sparklers, America…this mid-summer day of celebration is right around the corner!

Think Excursions instead of Traditional Big Summer Vacations

Travel now is considered high season in most popular locations, so can be pricey. Think about forgoing structured vacations to save money to see something new in your area or within a few hours’ drive instead. These Summer excursions should peak your interest, or at least get you thinking about something that you would find fun to do.

Wedding Traditions not to Miss

Know any June brides? Chances are you do! The summer season is bridal season and as we enter into it, guests get to enjoy the festivities and unique ceremonies that today’s weddings offer. But, let’s not forget some of the traditions that have been passed down for generations. Incorporating these into your wedding will offer unique memories for a lifetime.

Father's Day Gifts He Won't Forget

We know. He’s the hardest guy in the world to surprise. He’s got everything. He needs nothing. But hey—you love him so much, you can’t resist trying. This year, venture out from the same old tie and sports paraphernalia and try something that speaks to other areas of his life. The merchants at PointShop Mall are ready to help you get everything you need for the world’s greatest dad—yours!

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