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Camping this Summer? Be Prepared.

Camping trips are a great Summer vacation for the family. I’ve had more camping mishaps than I can recount, so use what I’ve learned to be prepared for your own trip.

Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Finding something personal that Dad will love is usually pretty easy. If you’re looking for something beyond the hardware store, just remember that it’s really about showing your appreciation and it’s the thought that counts.

Planting and Growing a Happy and Healthy Gardener

It took me 20 years to understand, but a small piece of advice from a Master Gardener lets me share a seed of gardening knowledge that I nurture for myself each and every year. It’s wonderful advice from an old friend.

Taking Earth Day 2016 Inside Your Home

A few simple changes inside our homes can have a huge impact on our environment. Celebrate Earth Day by looking at your own home for ways to become more energy efficient and environmentally supportive of our Mother Earth.

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