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Crane Lift

SKU_NUMBER: 730570
SALE_PRICE: $49.98  Regular Price: $49.98

Kids at work-playing! These classically constructed, imaginatively detailed, simply colossal construction-site superstars are built to handle big dreams and huge loads of kids' energy. Meticulously crafted of wood with moving parts and lots of room for kids to add action figures, toys, and other creative cargo, they're just waiting for young builders to maneuver them through mightily imagined construction-site adventures. Choose Crane Lift (17¾" x 16½" x 22"; 10 pieces) or a Mighty Wooden Construction Vehicle: specify Dump Truck (10" x 5¾" x 6½") or Great Big Digger (10½" x 5¾" x 5½"). All sold separately. Great-big wooden construction toys Classically constructed, imaginatively detailed, beautifully crafted Moving parts add to the adventure Lots of room for kids to add action figures, toys, other creative cargo to fuel imaginations Gigantic fun for young builders-to-beFor ages 3 and up. Styles and SizesCrane Lift (17¾" x 16½" x 22"Dump Truck (10" x 5¾" x 6½")Great Big Digger (10½" x 5¾" x 5½")

Style: Play Toy Sets
Color: 17.75" x 16.5" x 22