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Crazy Aaron's Super Magnetic Tidal Wave Putty

SKU_NUMBER: 730108
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Magnetic putty-what a great way to stretch play. Tidal Wave Magnetic Putty stretches, molds, and sculpts as wonderfully as all Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putties do. However, in the presence of a magnetic field, its magnetic forces begin to align, and it will be attracted to one magnetic pole and repelled from the other. Mesmerizingly blue-hued Tidal Wave arrives in a metal tin with a super-strong ceramic magnet that "charges" it, so that when it's near a powerful magnet it comes alive! There are all kinds of tricks it can do- Tidal Wave Magnetic Putty. Repel a magnet and then attract it back again. Pick up lightweight metal objects. Reveal the shape of the field lines emanating from a permanent magnet. Move, roll, and lift a magnet from a distance. Melt around a magnet and the putty will actually lift it off the table. Made in the USAFor ages 8 and up. Size1/5 lb. WARNING CHOKING HAZARD (1,7) Not for under 3 yrs.

Style: Novelty Toys
Color: 1/5lb