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The Fairy Bell Sisters are Tinker Bell's younger sisters! Follow the adventures of sisters Clara Bell, Rosy Bell, Golden Bell, Sylva Bell, and baby Squeak through a series of heartwarming adventures. The magical fairy sisters seem to find their share of trouble on their little island home-but they always band together to save the day and share happy endings. Reliably magical reading for kids. The sixth book in this chapter-book series begins ten days before Christmas. The sisters could not be more excited-big sister Tinkerbell is coming home to visit, and will be bringing presents from Neverland. But as Christmas draws near and Tink still has not arrived, the sisters must once again rely on their faith in one another to make this the most magical Christmas ever. The adventures of the five Fairy Bell Sisters Tinker Bell's younger sisters When one is in trouble, all band together to help Reliably magical reading for kidsFor ages 6 and up. Styles (Sold separately)Book 1: Sylva and the Fairy Ball 128 pages; 7½" x 5"Book 2: Rosy and the Secret Friend 128 pages; 7¼" x 5"Book 3: Golden at the Fancy Dress Party 144 pages; 7½" x 5¼"Book 4: Clara and the Magical Charms 128 pages; 7¾" x 5¼"Book 5: Sylva and the Lost Treasure 144 pages; 7½" x 5"Book 6: The Fairy Bell Sisters: Christmas Fairy Magic 144 pages; 7½" x 5