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Bandana Rama

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by Judith CressyEmbrace the fun and ease of creating with the Classic Bandana! Bandana-rama has 21 innovative ways to vamp up your personal style, home goods and gifts with simple, easy-to-follow instructions. Create by wrapping, gluing, or sewing. Bandanas are versatile, inexpensive and readily available, making them an amazing material for transformation for crafters of all ranges of skill. No need to go to a fabric store and agonize over how many yards to purchase, Bandana-rama solves that dilemma with ease-simply procure the number of bandanas listed and go wild! Beautiful projects include four different types of headbands, tops and skirts, throw pillows, and many more! Fantastic, illustrated instructions lay out all the tools you will need, explain the basic parts of a sewing machine, and provides sewing 101 for new crafters. A great go-to book for inspiration and instructions, Bandana-rama is a staple for all little crafters! Bandana-rama 128 pages contains 21 innovative craft projects with bandanas Fabulous full-color book with illustrations and photos to guide crafters Perfect for all levels of crafters Wrap, glue, and sew fashionable accessories and personalized gifts Make headbands, tops, skirts, throw pillows and more! Fast and fun crafts with versatile, bandanasFor ages 8 and up.

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