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HearthSong Sand Glove Dinosaur Sand & Beach Toys

BRAND: HearthSong
SKU_NUMBER: 730389
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Thanks to the Sand Glove Dinosaur, kids can experience the thrill of discovery every day-just like real archeologists! This flexible dinosaur skull is easy to bury in the sand-and then exciting to oh-so-carefully excavate! Once the glove has been freed, any number of adventurous games will ensue. Taking a bite out of the sand and watching it sift away is a favorite that can be played over and over. Approx. 5¾"H x 7¾"L x 5¾"W. Sand Glove Dinosaur Flexible dinosaur skull can be worn like a glove Fun to bury and then dig up Take a bite out of the sand and watch it sift awayFor ages 3 and up. Size5¾"H x 7¾"L x 5¾"W