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Sandcreation Animal Molds

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Bring a kitten to the beach-and a pony, lion, and alligator-they'll fit nicely in the backseat. When everyone gets to the beach, kids will have a blast patting sand into these four carefully detailed Sandcreation molds-and bringing their fairy-tale and storybook animal friends into 3-D being (height ranges from 5"H to 2"H, length from 4"L to 11"L). Makes wondrous sandbox and snow creatures, too. Sandcreation Animal Molds-set of four Wonderfully detailed 3-D molds Includes kitten, pony, lion, and alligator Easy to use; easy to pat sand in and then open the mold to reveal a realistic sand sculpture Great in the sandbox and snow, tooFor ages 3 and up.

Style: Sand Toys & Beach Toys
Color: 5" x 4"; 2" x 11