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Fairy Lantern Flower Hideaway

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Tiptoe along a garden path that's dotted with beautiful pink bell-shaped blooms and you're sure to find a fairyland. We did. Our Fairy Lantern Flower Hideaway is inspired by what we found suspended from one blossom: a cascade of pink mist draped in a cloud of sparkling golden fairy dust, crowned with iridescent organza petals, and wreathed in the rosy glow from a magical golden orb. It's an enchanting place where kids can play, read, dream, and generally enjoy the fairy life. Hang it indoors or out; in a playroom, over a twin bed, beneath a tree-wherever fairies gather. Approx. 12' circumference, 7' tall; the layered pink and glittering-gold netting hideaway includes LED flower ball with UL adaptor. Imported; adult assembly required. Pretty Fairy Lantern Flowers inspired this magical hideaway Layers of netting look like a cascade of pink mist draped in a cloud of sparkling golden fairy dust Crowned with iridescent organza petals Wreathed in a rosy glow from a magical golden orb LED-lit flower ball light includes UL adaptor Hang it indoors or out Imported Adult assembly requiredDimensionsApprox. 12' circumference, 7' tall

Style: Play Spaces
Size: 7' x 12' circum