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Be Mine! Felt Valentines Play Set

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We've got mail!" This adorably detailed felt play set is a heartwarming way to introduce kids to the joys of friendship. There's so much to do and see (and so many skills to build) as kids peer inside the mailbox, enjoy the satisfaction of putting valentines in envelopes and handing them out or placing them in the mailbox, and best of all, putting the flag up and down. Set includes four stamped envelopes (4" x 6"), four valentines (3" x 5"), a mailbox (8" x 10") with movable flag, and lots of heartfelt fun. Details make the difference on this felt play set Introduce kids to the joys of friendship Set includes lots to do and see and imagine Includes four stamped envelopes and four valentines Includes mailbox with movable flag Kids can "mail" or hand out their valentinesFor ages 4 and up. SizeEnvelopes: 4" x 6"Valentines: 3" x 5"Mailbox: 8" x 10

Style: Play Toy Sets