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HearthSong Super Night Vision Scope Outdoor Play Toys

BRAND: HearthSong
SKU_NUMBER: 730413
SALE_PRICE: $74.98  Regular Price: $74.98

This Night Vision Scope is perfect for the most advanced super spies. This scope allows young adventurers to experience the night in new ways! Look through this scope and view the wonders of the night, lit up as clearly as if it were day. This scope makes nighttime wildlife watching a blast, or can be a fun twist on flashlight tag or hide-and-seek! Kids will have a great time exploring in the dark with this scope, which delivers a clear image with a 300K Pixel Sharp Image Sensor. Scope out objects as far away as 59 feet with a wide angle view. Take this scope anywhere; it's handheld for outdoor use and has a lightweight modern design meant to travel. Built-in USB rechargeable battery. Perfect gadget to experience the wonders of the night Clear image with a 300K Pixel Sharp Image Sensor 59' viewing distance and wide angle view Built-in USB rechargeable battery For ages 8 and up. Size4½