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Aero Zipp Disk Launchers

SKU_NUMBER: 730320
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OverviewJet-propelled-without the jet! All it takes is a flick of the wrist to send these zippity disks whistling up to 175 feet into the stratosphere, thanks to the simple but powerful catapulting action of the launcher. Easy-grip handle makes it almost effortless, and encourages kids to keep trying different techniques for altering the disk's phenomenal flight patterns. Set of two is a formula for fun, physical physics Aero Zipp Disk Launchers Just a flick of the wrist sends these zippity disks soaring up to 175 feet Easy grip handle Catapulting handle Set of twoFor ages 6 and up.

Style: Outdoor Play Toys
Color: 17" x 13.2" x 1.8