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HearthSong Skytrix Flyer Outdoor Play Toys

BRAND: HearthSong
SKU_NUMBER: 729599
SALE_PRICE: $19.98  Regular Price: $19.98

Think kite, yo-yo, Frisbee, boomerang, stunt glider. Think fun. SkyTrix has its roots in all these flying inventions, but soars above them all-and back again, thanks to its revolutionary aerodynamic design! The included super-elastic bungee cord (and kids' arm power) will send SkyTrix soaring up to 200 yards away before it turns to glide home. Also great for playing high-flying catch with one or a whole circle of friends, and for performing cool tricks described in the included stunt-glider manual. 10"H; colors may vary. Combination kite, yo-yo, Frisbee, boomerang, stunt glider Revolutionary aerodynamic design Skytrix soars sky high-and back again Use super-elastic bungee cord to send it soaring Soars up to 200 yards before turning to glide home Also fun for a game of high-flying catch Performs cool tricks 10"L Colors may varyFor ages 8 and up.