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Set of Three Modarri Cars

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Imagine driving a sublimely snazzy car-that you built yourself. This ingenious kit includes all the parts necessary to craft an awesome auto with real steering and suspension, rubber tires, and no batteries-plus a hex tool to fasten all the unloseable screws. The seats are designed to hold one finger, and that's all it takes to whip this amazing auto in tight figure eights, spin it in a circle, drive over obstacles, and just generally feel the road. With two fingers, the car will do wheelies, jumps, and much more. Choose the S1 Street Car, T1 Track Car, or X1 Dirt Car. All include a unique license plate and orange cones-and can be taken apart and reconfigured. Approx. 4½"L x 2"H. Accelerated fun! Buy our Set of Three Modarri Cars! The set includes the S1 Street Car, T1 Track Car and X1 Dirt Car, plus all the parts, license plates, orange cones, and hex tools needed to create three wee cars that handle beautifully. Modarri build-it-yourself Car Kit Includes all the parts including real steering and suspension and rubber tires Includes a special hex tool and unloseable screws Kids can "drive" them by placing one (or two) finger(s) in the specially designed seats Includes a license plate and orange cones Can be taken apart and reconfigured They're so much fun, we're also offering a set of three! Our Set of Three Modarri Cars includes the S1 Street Car, T1 Track Car and X1 Dirt CarFor ages 8 and up. Styles S1 Street Car T1 Track Car X1 Dirt CarSet of Three includes the S1 Street Car, T1 Track Car and X1 Dirt CarSize Approx. 4½"L x 2"H

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