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HearthSong My Size Doll Girls Gifts

BRAND: HearthSong
SKU_NUMBER: 728848
SALE_PRICE: $49.98  Regular Price: $49.98

We can't think of a better best friend for a young girl than an adorable doll that's just her size. Standing at a full three feet tall, this lifelike, "my-size" doll delivers life-sized fun. Even better, she has elastic bands on her shoes that can be slipped over a child's feet to allow the two to dance and walk together. Choose the Brunette doll in an orange dress with matching hair bows, the Redhead who wears a green floral dress, matching bows and cute green shoes or the Blonde who wears a pink dress with matching hair bows. Lifelike doll Just "my size" doll Features elastic bands on shoes to slip over a child's shoes Can "dance" or "walk" with a young girlAvailable StylesBlonde BrunetteRedhead Size3'H