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HearthSong Giant Rainbow Slinky® Gifts Under $15

BRAND: HearthSong
SKU_NUMBER: 730365
SALE_PRICE: $12.98  Regular Price: $12.98

It's possible the term "spill" of color was inspired by the sight of this gigantic rainbow-hued neon slinky slinking down the stairs or flowing between a child's hands. Truly a sight to behold and a fun challenge to master, this big, beautiful, terrific uptake on a traditional toy offers hours and hours (years even) of entertainment and creative play (while enhancing hand-eye coordination). Measures 5¼" diam. Giant Rainbow Slinky® Great take off on a traditional toy Creates a mesmerizing "spill" of color A bit more challenging-and funFor ages 5 and up. Size5¼" diam.