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HearthSong Rookie Perplexus Gifts $15-$25

BRAND: HearthSong
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Just like the original Perplexus™, Rookie Perplexus™ is a bendy maze game that you won't want to put down! To play, select one of several tracks and work with gravity to carefully flip, twist, and spin the see-through Perplexus™ ball to guide a small marble around barriers inside. Rookie Perplexus™ is best for younger players who are not quite ready for the challenge of the original Perplexus™. Fun for the whole family. Play alone, race the clock or challenge a friend. The three different tracks provide a challenging three-dimensional experience. No batteries required. Also available: Original Perplexus™ and Epic Perplexus™. For ages 4 and up. Kids won't want to put it down! Guide a marble around challenging barriers Play alone, race the clock or challenge a friend No batteries required For ages 4 and up Size6-1/2" diam.