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Fantastical Fairies Lacing Cards

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Fairies flutter, fly, and shimmer on this vibrant set of lacing cards illustrated by Giovana Medeiros. Each card has a fun, interesting shape, and fantastical illustrations of bright fairies make each card pop. Ten colorful laces give small hands practice with fine motor skills; kids just have to thread the laces back and forth in the cards' holes, and complete the beauty of the pictures. These lacing cards are sure to build dexterity while providing a great time! Fantastical fairy lacing cards illustrated by Giovana Medeiros Marvelous fairy illustrations that catch the eye Ten colorful laces to complete each picture Lacing cards build dexterity and motor skills For ages 3 and up. SizeCards measure approx. 6 ½" x 5

Style: Fairy Toys
Color: 6.5" x 5