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Domino Race Set, 255 Pieces in Bright Colors and Fun Patterns

SKU_NUMBER: 724915
SALE_PRICE: $49.98  Regular Price: $49.98

Season after season, our customers have loved this best-selling game. So, we made it even better - we updated colors, added patterns, increased the number of pieces, and added a few new cool challenges. Arrange the dominoes in a serpentine pattern, up and down steps, over and under bridges and end with a bang. Tip the first domino (or run a marble down the ramp) to start a chain reaction (the domino effect) that brings the whole array down in seconds! The Domino Race Set includes 255 pieces. The Add-On Set (24 pieces) brings more action to the race with a pyramid step set, tunnel set, ramp, and a ball. Domino Race Set includes 255 pieces 78 solid pieces (13 each, 6 colors) 78 squiggle striped pieces (13 each, 6 colors) 72 diamond printed pieces (12 each, 6 colors) 3 starting gates 3 finish gates 1 starting wand 1 end sign 6 pyramid steps 13-piece dowel stair and bridge set For ages 4 and up. Classic Domino Race Special Save $6.98 when you buy our Domino Race Set and Add-On Set together. Only $67.98 ($74.96 when purchased separately).WARNING CHOKING HAZARD (1,4) Not for under 3 yrs.

Style: Creative Construction Toys
Color: WOOD