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HearthSong Quadrilla Cyclone Building Block and Marble Run Set Creative Construction Toys

BRAND: HearthSong
SKU_NUMBER: 729538
SALE_PRICE: $199  Regular Price: $199

Building blocks-with a twist (or two or three)! With these marble run sets, kids build horizontal structures to make marbles move, so the key (and satisfaction) involves how to position the holes in the blocks. They must use their noggins! The Roundabout Set is designed as a marble run starter set with 41 pieces (blocks, rails, and a twist) that can be seamlessly combined with any other Quadrilla set. The 136-piece Xcellerator Set's velocity-increasing design includes spirals, curves, straightaways, accelerators, and a seesaw. The 198-piece Cyclone Set is Quadrilla's largest marble run set, with two spiral funnels, twelve curved rails, ten accelerators, and a large assortment of building blocks. All Quadrilla sets are crafted with high-quality birch and rubber wood, and combine seamlessly with one another. Build horizontal wooden structures that make marbles move! Kids build logic skills as they achieve the fun results Combine blocks, rails, twists, spirals, and more to make the marbles move Combine sets for extra funFor ages 4 and up. Quadrilla Galaxy/Xcellerator Special! Save $18.98 when you buy the Quadrilla Galaxy Set and Xcellerator Set together. Only $180Available StylesRoundaboutXcelleratorCycloneSizeRoundabout: 41 piecesXcellerator: 136 piecesCyclone: 198 piecesWARNING CHOKING HAZARD (1,5,6) Not for under 3 yrs.