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Qvolution Standard Set

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What is Qvolution? The evolution of the cube (to include curves)-and of imaginative learning. Kids have a blast designing ever-more-incredible ways for marbles to roll over, down, and along courses they create by fitting together beautifully constructed, magnetized cubes (with either curved or straight rails inside) and a slew of separate 7"-long straight rails. Let the experiments in engineering-and fun-roll. Choose the Basic Set (25 pieces, 3 marbles), the Standard Set (38 pieces, 4 marbles), or the Advanced Set (64 pieces, 5 marbles): all will inspire cubic 3-dimensional constructions that can bend. Cubes are 2½"sq.; straight and incline rails are 7"L. Qvolution is the evolution of the cube (to include curves) Design incredible ways for marbles to travel imaginative courses Fit magnetized cubes together to create marble runs Includes 2½" sq. cubes and straight railsFor ages 3 and up. StylesBasic Set (25 pieces, 3 marbles)Standard Set (38 pieces, 4 marbles)Advanced Set (64 pieces, 5 marbles)WARNING CHOKING HAZARD (4,5,6) Not for under 3 yrs.

Style: Creative Construction Toys
Color: 2.5" sq cubes