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PlayZone Trampoline

SKU_NUMBER: 730582
SALE_PRICE: $89.98  Regular Price: $89.98

Enjoy all the bouncing, balancing, invigorating active fun of a trampoline in the playroom (or any room). The triangular-shaped PlayZone Trampoline fits seamlessly with all our Balance Blox Slackline and PlayZone balancing-fun accessories (sold separately)! With a handle to aid in balancing while jumping and padded covers to protect young feet from sliding into its springy bungee-cord openings, the PlayZone Trampoline is a great way to get indoor active fun going and to enjoy bouncing fun indoors, yet the required space is minimal. Approx. 64" x 45" x 45". PlayZone triangular Trampoline fits in a corner-or anywhere else Makes a great addition to PlayZone play (try starting off and ending a balance course with a bounce) Handle aids in balancing while jumping Padded covers protect young feet from springy bungee-cordsFor ages 3 and up. Dimensions 64" x 45" x 45

Style: Indoor Active
Color: 64" x 45" x 45