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Telephone Specials Special! Throw 'n' Glow Ball Collection Accessories

BRAND: Telephone Specials
SKU_NUMBER: 770256
SALE_PRICE: $11.99  Regular Price: $11.99

The brightest ball on the beach (or anywhere!), our Throw 'n' Glow pulses color all over the place when caught or bounced. The ball is striped clear and white until it's caught, for any hand that touches it sends its three impact-activated, super-bright LEDs into explosions of colorful flashing light, like fireworks in the night. Choose Red or Blue. Approx. 40" diam.; non-replaceable batteries will power 100,000 flashes. Throw 'n' Glow ball Clear and white panels Pulses color when caught or bounced Impact-activated, super-bright LEDs Non-replaceable batteries will power 100,00 flashesFor ages 3 and up. StylesBlueRedSize40" diam.