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Self-inflating Bouncy Castle

SKU_NUMBER: 730306
SALE_PRICE: $199  Regular Price: $199

This water park will actually set itself up right outside your door! Simply plug it in, turn a knob, and in three minutes the colorful Bouncy Castle will be perfectly puffed for bouncing, thanks to AirPro Tech air flow technology (69" x 69" x 73"). No pump needed! To deflate, turn the knob in the opposite direction. Go with the flow-the Slide, Pool, and Step combine seamlessly with the Bouncy Castle to triple the fun (65" x 63" x 23½"). Instant high-flying fun for ages 3 and up; adult supervision required. Self-Inflating Bouncy Castle Special! Save $23 when you buy the Self-Inflating Bouncy Castle and the Self-inflating Slide, Pool, and Step together! Only $275 Self-inflating Bouncy Castle, Slide, and Pool Plug it in, turn a knob, and it will inflate Turn the knob in the reverse direction and it will deflate No pump necessary Add the Slide, Pool, and Step to triple the fun! Adult supervision requiredFor ages 3 and up; adult supervision required. DimensionsBouncy Castle: 69" x 69" x 73"Slide, Pool, and Step Set: 65" x 63" x 23½

Style: Outdoor Play Toys
Color: 90% PVC/10% POLYESTER