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Momo and Snap Are Not Friends!

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by Airlie AndersonKids get to use their imaginations to add delightful details to this story that unfolds entirely through adorable drawings and expressive sounds. When Momo the Monkey and Snap the Crocodile meet in the jungle, they are immediately antagonistic toward one another, and each tries to outdo the other by making the loudest noise (Screee! Hisss!) or performing the better stunt. When three lionesses arrive on the scene and take a culinary interest in Momo, Snap stuns the monkey by scooping him up and carrying him to safety. On the way, a beautiful friendship forms. From then on, the sounds they make and the stunts they pull are prompted by love. The book Momo and Snap Are Not Friends! is written by Airlie Anderson Momo the monkey and Snap the alligator are antagonistic when they meet When Momo is threatened by three lionesses, Snap saves him Momo and Snap become fast friends A fun lesson in the benefits of cooperation and true friendshipFor ages 3 and up.

Style: Plush Toys
Color: 11.8" x 9