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HearthSong Metallic Paints, Set of 6 Collection Accessories

BRAND: HearthSong
SKU_NUMBER: 716542
SALE_PRICE: $6.98  Regular Price: $6.98

With this Kids' Pottery Wheel, children can discover their pottery prowess. Pots and plates simply become rounder, smoother, and more artistic faster and easier when fingers connect with spinning clay. While the wheel does the work, you get to be creative. Jump right in! The Pottery Wheel comes with 2 lbs. of air-dry clay, 2 clay knives, 1 cutting cord, 1 sponge, 6 paint pots, 2 paintbrushes, and inspiring instructions. Exceptionally sturdy, and the closest we could come to a pro, it runs on electricity or batteries. You're sure to be on a roll! Order 4 lbs. of Extra Powder Air-Dry Clay (2 lbs. of terra cotta and 2 lbs. of gray). The set of 6 Metallic Paints add great pizzazz to pots. The set includes Gold, Aztec Gold, Antique Gold, Silver, Copper, and Bronze. Kids' Pottery Wheel and Accessories Exceptionally sturdy pottery wheel Runs of electricity or batteries Helps kids discover their pottery prowess Includes lots of accessories to get started, plus instructions For ages 8 and up. Pottery Wheel Special Save $7.94 when you buy the Pottery Wheel, Extra Clay, and Metallic Paints together. Only $80 ($75.94 when purchased separately). Size 12"L x 16"W x 5"H