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HearthSong Pumpkin Expressions Collection Accessories

BRAND: HearthSong
SKU_NUMBER: 729981
SALE_PRICE: $19.98  Regular Price: $19.98

Now your pumpkins can look like a master carver spent hours creating them! But all you have to do is cut the shape of our foam eyes and mouths into your pumpkin and insert a sneer or squint. Plus, the inserts are pre-tinted a wonderfully eerie shade of flickering candlelight, so no matches needed. Created by acclaimed pumpkin artist Ray Villafane, our set of expressions includes two sets of two eyes and two mouths. For decorative use only. Frightening pumpkin foam eye and mouth inserts Mouths sneer and eyes squint Inserts are pre-tinted an eerie shade of flickering candlelight Created by acclaimed pumpkin artist Ray Villafane For decorative use only