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Car Design Workshop with Portfolio

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If you could design your own car, what would it look like? Classic? Compact? Futuristic? A truck? Design these vehicles and more with the cool components tucked in this handsome blue portfolio. Included are 10 pages of different car and truck bodies to trace, 2 pages of accessories (tires, mirrors, steering wheels, roof racks), 2 pages of stickers (numbers, racing stripes, and other ultra-cool finishing touches), 12 colored pencils, an eraser, heavy vellum paper, and helpful instructions. Deluxed Vehicle Design Workshop includes the Car Design Workshop plus airplane and boat desgin add-on kits. Use Metallic Colored Pencils to make custom paint jobs gleam. For ages 9 and up. Let your imagination soar with our Add-On Kits that include design sheets, a #2 cedar pencil, and 20 sheets of heavy vellum paper, packaged in a colorful cardstock envelope. SizePortfolio 11" x 14

Style: Arts & Crafts Supplies
Color: 11" x 14