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HearthSong Outdoor Adventure Dynamo Torch Collection Accessories

BRAND: HearthSong
SKU_NUMBER: 729419
SALE_PRICE: $3.99  Regular Price: $9.98

Open kids' eyes to the wealth of flora and fauna around them. Our handy pocket-sized Outdoor Adventure Binoculars are adult look-alikes fit for kids, featuring 4x magnification, 30mm glass lenses, soft, adjustable eye pieces, rubberized trim for non-slip grip, a break-away lanyard, and a built-in compass. The kinetic Outdoor Adventure Dynamo Torch is a perfect eco-educational companion piece with a hand crank that gives kids an opportunity to generate the electricity needed to power the torch's two bright LEDs. Pocket-sized binoculars are adult look-alikes fit for kids Feature 4x magnification; 30mm glass lenses Include soft, adjustable eye pieces Accessories includes breakaway lanyard; built-in compass Dynamo torch is perfect eco-educational piece for binoculars Kids generate torch electricity using hand crank Torch includes 2 bright LEDs Great learning duoFor ages 6 and up.