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HearthSong Squigz Kids' Construction Starter Set Collection Accessories

BRAND: HearthSong
SKU_NUMBER: 729406
SALE_PRICE: $24.98  Regular Price: $24.98

Suction construction! High-quality silicone-rubber suction cup connectors make this creative construction set's pieces as much fun to pull apart as to put together (great incentive to keep going)! Strong connections create a resistance that's fun to overcome, resulting in a rewarding "pop." Plus, the pieces can be connected not only to each other but to almost anything else (walls, windows, bathtubs, tabletops & ) so kids can construct (or deconstruct) almost anywhere. Available in Starter Set (24 pieces) and Deluxe Set (50 pieces).For ages 3 and up. Suction construction! High-quality silicone-rubber suction cup pieces Fun to put together and pull apart Pieces make a fun popping sound when pulled apart Pieces stick to walls, windows, tabletops, etc. Available StylesDeluxe (50 pieces)Starter (24 pieces)