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HearthSong Valentine's Day Valentine Kit for Kids

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Valentine Making Kit for Kids A HearthSong ExclusiveOur best-selling kit contains everything kids need to make dozens of valentines for schoolmates, teachers, friends, and loved ones. Thirty sheets of 9" x 12" construction paper (15 red, 15 white), 24 white heart-shaped doilies, 12 red heart doilies, textured tissue paper (in red, white, and pink), pages of stickers, colorful glitter, and a glue stick are all packed in a handy storage box, along with patterns and child-tested tips. For extra fun, add our Lots-of-Love Sticker Assortment (large, small, and mini-sized stickers printed with flowers, hearts, alphabets, and more) and Scented Gel Pens (24 scent-illating colors).Kit includes: 30 sheets of construction paper (15 red, 15 white) 24 white heart-shaped doilies 12 red heart doilies Textured tissue paper (in red, white, and pink) Pages of stickers Colorful glitter Glue Stick Kids can make and decorate their own valentines Everything they need is included Comes with a box for easy storage Includes patterns and child-tested tips Give them to friends, teachers, and loved onesSize Construction Paper 9" x 12"Valentine and Stickers Special Save $2.98 when you buy the best-selling Valentine Kit and Lots-of-Love Stickers together. Only $22.98Valentine and Chalks SpecialSave $4.96 when you buy our best-selling Valentine Kit, Lots-of-Love Sticker Assortment, and set of 24 Scented Gel Pens together! Only $28.98

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