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ToolKid® Electric Drill

SKU_NUMBER: 728961
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Give young carpenters in training the right tools, and in no time they'll become master wood crafters. These hand tools are not toys but rather, professional tools that are ergonomically designed just for children. They're ideal for kids because they're not too big or heavy, they fit easily in a child's hand, and above all, they are simple and safe to use. The 17-piece Hand Tools Set includes a large tool bag with a storage box, a claw hammer, a nail holder with 32 hairpins, a saw guide for sawing safely, a fretsaw, a fretsaw tensioner, a fretsaw board with clamp, measuring tape, a carpenter's square, a carpenter's pencil, a sanding block, sandpaper, a screwdriver with bits, safety goggles, and a kid-friendly instructional guide. Extend the carpentry fun with the Child's Handsaw (available in red for ages 6-9 and yellow for ages 9-12).Add the rechargeable Electric Drill for even more possibilities. Professional hand tools Ergonomically designed for children Not too big or heavy Simple and safe to useFor ages 5 and up. Available ColorsHandsaw: Red (for ages 6 to 9)Yellow (for ages 9 to 12)

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