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HearthSong 8" Plush Flingshot Barnyard Animal, Set of 3 Collection Accessories

BRAND: HearthSong
SKU_NUMBER: 728242
SALE_PRICE: $10.99  Regular Price: $21.98

Like their very distant animal cousins, our popular Flingshot Monkeys, these furry farm friends fly through the air and scream all the way! Just put your fingers in their front pockets, pull back firmly, and release. Then watch your cow jump (and moo) over the moon, your chicken cluck his way to the clouds, and your pig fly and oink at the same time. Each plush animal makes their familiar farmyard noise in addition to their sling-shooting finesse (each one flies up to 50 ft.). They provide hours of barnyard antics. A scream for ages 5 and up. Available Styles Cow -> Frog Pig Size 8