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Taggies™ Dazzle Dots Large Plush Monkey

SKU_NUMBER: 729653
SALE_PRICE: $29.98  Regular Price: $29.98

This super-soft plush monkey will be a favorite cuddle buddy for kids. It has tags galore in different colors and textures, so babies and toddlers can enjoy exploring them, grasping them, and rubbing them for comfort. A great naptime and playtime pal, this monkey will hold children's interests as they grow. Originating with a mother's observation that her baby was more interested in the satin tags on toys than the toys themselves, Taggies offers an array of simple yet fun items designed to enhance a child's growth and sense of security. The snuggly soft fabrics, bright colors, and textures of Taggies help nurture children and provide simple opportunities for fine motor skill development and sensory stimulation. Super-soft plush monkey Has silky tags for exploring and grasping Great naptime and playtime pal Helps with fine motor skill development Encourages sensory stimulationFor ages 6 months and up. Sizes12"18

Style: Plush Toys
Color: 18