Car Seat Safety

Today’s busy parents spend a significant amount of time in the car with their children. From trips to the store, to daycare or play dates, we stay on the road much more than previous generations of parents. With that in mind, it’s important to understand that even a short trip a few blocks away can become dangerous if your child is not properly restrained in the car. Follow our helpful tips on how to keep your child safe:

Back Seat Center is Best

Children who are strapped in the back seat are 38% less likely to be injured during a car crash than those in the front. SafetyBeltSafe USA estimates that riding in the back seat reduces a child’s risk of death by 30%. On top of that, children who ride in the center rear seat have a 43% lower risk of injury than those sitting near a window. While your child may be itching to sit up front with you, the back seat center is the safest place.

Strap Check

Did you know that the NHTSA estimates that nearly 80% of all child restraints are used incorrectly? Typically the type of restraint being used is not appropriate for the child’s age and size. Children who are incorrectly restrained are three and a half times more likely to be injured in a crash than those who are properly restrained. If you’ve followed the manufacturers recommendations and still aren’t sure if your seat is properly installed, stop by your local highway patrol office to have a car seat check done.

Age Appropriateness

As children grow, their car seat needs change. Each state has its own list of rules and regulations that residents must follow. In addition, car seat manufacturers have their own recommendations of what type of car seat restraint works best for the age and size of your child. With car crashes being the number one cause of accidental death for children, you can’t afford to let this slide. Make sure you are using car restraints that are recommended for the stage your child is currently in, and know when the next age level is to change them to something else.

Check for Baby

Each year more than 36 children die in the US from being accidently left in hot cars. In most cases the child is sleeping and the parent forgets about them as they exit the car, not realizing until hours later. With this in mind, it’s good practice to always leave an item “behind” with your child that you will notice immediately in your day-to-day life if it is missing. Items like cell phones, purses, work access cards, or wallets should be placed in the floorboard in front of your child’s car seat so that they cannot reach it, but you will be reminded to check the rear before leaving your vehicle.

While September is Baby Safety Month, anytime is a great time to increase our safety knowledge for the sake of our children. Macrobaby has all sorts of helpful guides online that can walk you through baby stages, what to purchase, and tips on what you’ll need as a new parent, as well as car seats and restraints for every stage of your child’s life. Make safety a priority with help from the merchants at PointShop Mall.

Posted: Friday, August 29, 2014